Tierra Nueva

Tierra Nueva is a source of innovation and great taste. Whether cocoa or coffee, we manage the entire process from bean to bar, developing a network of sustainable farms, customized processing equipment, and an continuously evolving product line.

Tierra Nueva Awarded the 2013 SCAA People's Choice Award and Best Product In Show. First Time in History of the SCAA One Company Wins Both Awards

Tierra Nueva, a local (Miami) chocolate and coffee bar factory, has been awarded SCAA People’s Choice award and Best Product in show.  The company specializes in private label production as well as company owned and manufactured premium chocolate and coffee thins.

Tierra Nueva’s team was extremely delighted with the news, President John Alexander said “We are honored and ecstatic to receive these awards ,  especially since it is the first time  that one company wins both awards in the history of the SCAA. Tierra Nueva was awarded the 2013 SCAA Best Product in Show and the 2013 People’s Choice award for their Coffee Thins.

Since launching in 2011 Tierra Nueva has made excellent strides. Based on a Global Patented new manufacturing technology platform, Tierra Nueva has been facing the usual challenges, of new comers to the market, with a fresh and flexible approach. This vision allowed them to create their new hot item Coffee Thins .The product has been received with high remarks, bringing buyers and experts to think about the need of creating a new product category in the market place:  Coffee products Ready To Eat (not drink) Coffee Thins is a bar made of   100% natural coffee combined with special ingredients delivering and amazing   true coffee experience with a creamy smooth feeling.  These sweet squares have the same bite and snap as a chocolate bar but with zero cocoa liquor (Cocoa Mass) .  It is considered the perfect treat for coffee lovers, for those moments when you do not have the time or proper equipment to take a cup of coffee.  Products like these are the ones that Tierra Nueva believes will separate them from other companies, in this extremely competitive space.

Tierra Nueva is a privately owned company with a 47,000 sq. ft. facility in Miami Gardens, Florida.  The factory has  a nominal production capability of 720 Metric Tons a month, which equates to about 8,640 Tons a year.  The company spawned from the expertise of three commercial groups: CTI Group, Coco Nueva and The Cruz Family.

CTI Group: Based in the US with over 20 years of experience in selling and distributing products in the American local market with an existing portfolio of top retailers.

Coco Nueva: Since 1982, the Hencorp Group of companies has provided financial services to a global client base. The Group operates futures and options in the commodities world, it’s coffee and sugar brokerage groups are recognized leaders in their markets.

The Cruz Family: Brazilian group with over 130 years of experience in coffee, cocoa and chocolate production (both products and manufacturing equipment).

SCAA: Specialty Coffee Association of America Established in 1982 by a small group of coffee professionals seeking a common forum to discuss issues and set quality standards for the specialty coffee trade, the SCAA is now the world’s largest coffee trade association with nearly 3,000 company members. SCAA members can rightfully be credited for much of the growth and success the specialty coffee industry has experienced over the past twenty-five years.

Tierra Nueva in the Press

Tierra Nueva Wins Yet Another Award! The 2013 NCA (National Confectioners Association) Candy and Snacks Award for Most Innovative Product (Non-Chocolate) In Chicago