Tierra Nueva

Tierra Nueva is a source of innovation and great taste. Whether cocoa or coffee, we manage the entire process from bean to bar, developing a network of sustainable farms, customized processing equipment, and an continuously evolving product line.


A Perspective by Victor Henriquez

Coffee has always been in my blood.  I have been in the coffee business since 1980, when I was 23, I formed Hencorp Becstone LLC, where I specialized in coffee futures trading.  At the peak of our business, we were trading an estimated 10% of the global coffee futures volume, our client base included the biggest exporters from producing nations to the biggest roasters and importers around the world.

The coffee business is marked by specific “waves.”  These periods define the distribution, product type and pricing.  The first wave, which existed through the 70s and 80s included big retail mass marketing.  Folgers, Maxwell House and other “can brands” found their way into millions of homes. The Second wave began in the 90s with the growth of big food service.  Starbucks, Costa, Tully’s and others began cropping up in malls and street corners all across the country, now numbering well into the 100,000s. The Third Wave has happened in just the last decade with the explosion of artisanal corner coffee shops.  These “boutiques” cater to coffee connoisseurs with specialty blends and individual craft coffee drinks.

So, what’s next?  From my vantage point, the usage and consumption of 100% of the coffee bean. Through history, the coffee industry has been based on the brewed technology, Tierra Nueva is in a position to revolutionize the whole industry. Through this new patented technology, Tierra Nueva has transformed the exquisite taste of coffee into a creamy edible usage occasion. With characteristics and a consistency similar to fine chocolate, this innovation creates and entirely new way to enjoy the world’s most popular beverage.  But it isn’t just the form that makes this so special. By using the entire bean, we can tap into hundreds of additional flavor notes of this remarkable product. Every variety of bean and every roasting level becomes more intense and flavorful, for an experience that consumers absolutely love. A delivering in a variety of bars, thins, spreads, chips and other formats, consumers have the opportunity to enjoy literally whenever and wherever they go.

Dunkin’ Donuts brand is the latest partner to pioneer this new trend.  Leveraging its base of 1 billion coffee consumers, we are already seeing this wave rapidly swell, and others are following fast.