The art and science of the craft

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Yesterday was Cocoa. Today is Coffee.

In 1879, the Cruz family founded a trading company named Cruz Sobrinhos in Brazil. In 1941, A.G Cruz Co. emerged to trade cocoa beans produced in the Linhares cocoa region. This soon became one of the biggest exporters of cocoa beans from South America to the European and American markets. In 1945 , A.G.Cruz deepened it’s roots,  buying directly into the Bahia cocoa producing region, acquiring cocoa farms in the Linhares cocoa region.

The Evolution: Chocolate

In 1975, A.G.Cruz started a partnership in a cocoa and chocolate processing factory named Chocolates Vitoria S.A.. and started to produce chocolate for the Brazilian market and export cocoa products to the US and European markets.

In 1984, the Company grew fast, reaching over US $100MM/year in sales, exporting cocoa and chocolate for large companies in US such as Hershey's, M&M Mars, Wilbur Chocolate, Ambrosia Chocolate, etc…

In 1991, a new company SPALI – Sociedade Produtora de Alimentos Ltda was created after the split of the Chocolates Vitoria’s partnership. SPALI was set to produce special chocolates and sugar free, under the trade mark “DIATT.” The brand immediately became a leader in the diet segment in the Brazilian retail market, over major international and domestic brands like Kraft, Nestle and Garoto. This leadership position still holds today.

In 2003, the company successfully developed products to compete in the Industrial Brazilian chocolate and also Compound markets, increasing the market share and revenues of the factory.

Quality Assurance

Tierra Nueva Fine Cocoa brings a legacy of 130 years in Cocoa and Chocolate Expertise, what allowed us to re-invent the art of chocolate manufacturing, bringing back to the equation the actual art factor, innovated by complex science studies developed through the years, in a more environmentally friendly structure, combined with an accurate Quality Assurance management.

Environmental Sustainability

Tierra Nueva Fine Cocoa outstanding raw material researchers and product development specialists are committed to environmental and social issues. We manage every step from bean to bar to assure respect for the environment and the communities of farmers that supply our ingredients. Our mission is to deliver products that delight the consumer, our partners, our farmers, and our planet.