A history of delicious


We are technology company. We are a source of innovation, driven by the culture of continuous improvement established by the Cruz family over 130 years ago. A culture that lives on both through direct ties to the Cruz family line, as well as in the spirit that leads our growth. We use a one-of-a-kind process to make the world’s only edible coffee, in many forms, including our award winning coffee thins. We use 100% of the coffee bean for rich, robust, full-coffee flavor. Remarkable, affordable, and at your finger tips whenever you want it.

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A brand new way to Joe

 Over 130 years of cocoa craft



Find Coffee Thins™ in your favorite coffee flavors.


We’ve found a way to craft coffee beans - no chocolate - into bars bursting with your favorite coffee flavors. And you can find them where your favorite coffee is served.

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We have not won the Nobel Prize. Yet.